Modeling COVID-19’s Impact on Office Environment and Home Environment Print Volumes

With mounting interest in understanding the future of our industry and the impact of COVID-19 on print volume, Business Enabled's strategic partner Keypoint Intelligence, has updated their model to reflect changes we’ve seen since the impact of covid 19. 

The underlying data is built up by analyzing 20 vertical industry sectors. We assume that each sector is variously impacted from job losses and working from home. We also assume that each sector will have varying rates of recovery as the economy reopens. 

We expect the office environment to see a drastic 30 percent decline in printing for 2020 and 2021 does not see much recovery. Some of the decline is from industry job losses, but most will stem from former office workers working at home. At the same time, some of the pages lost in the office will re-emerge in homes as workers continue to try to do their jobs at home. While some pages will be lost forever, the home environment is expected to see a 130 percent increase in printing in 2020.

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Closing The Distance Between Buyer and Seller

Time to change.

We've been hearing for years about the trends in mobility and a market shift towards remote workers. This progressively more digital business world we live in has been prodding us to review and incrementally adapt within our own comfort zones, however, the siesmic shifts we have experienced in recent weeks totally reframes the business environment for all, and forces us to make the changes we've been complacent about, yet all knew were inevitably coming sometime down the track.

This is a watershed moment for dealers and their sales teams to adjust the sales model to one more well aligned with the needs of today. Gen X and Millenial ITDM's, and the ways they prefer to do business are what we need to cater to better. 


Position Your Dealership as a Team of Experts

Your prospects have a long list of business problems.  They also have many questions related to how technology could be used to solve these business problems.

Most business leaders are open to getting help in solving their business problems.  However, most people have been burned at one point because they have made a bad buying decision.  This is especially true in the area of technology where many promises are made but the actual results end up not delivering.  As a result, today’s buyer is very skeptical.

How do you earn trust in this skeptical environment?  

How Does a Copier Sales Rep Compete In a Highly Competitive Market and Keep a Positive Attitude?

Jimmy Johnson and the Dallas Cowboys

Last week I watched a great show, in which Joe Buck interviewed Jimmy Johnson. One of the takeaways from this show was the equation Jimmy made famous from his time with the Dallas Cowboys.

He had this posted in their locker room. PA+E=P

Getting More At-Bats: The New Way To More Buyer's Short Lists

Today as the Arkansas Razorbacks get ready to play in the College World Series there is one thing I know for sure: the more at bats they get, the higher chance they will get on base and score runs.  

Whether you are a business owner, sales manager, or sales rep, you need to be involved in as many deals as possible if you want to hit your goals. In sales, you want to make the short list of vendors under consideration. If you make that list, at least you have an “at bat.”

The Average Age of a Network Administrator is 36-What This Means For Your Copier Dealership

In doing research for a presentation I’m doing for a Copier Dealer Association's service manager’s meeting, I discovered a statistic that should make all of us pay attention: 36 is the average age of a network administrator according to a recent New York Times article. Yes, that’s the average age. That means there are many in their early thirties and late twenties.

New Advanced Sales Skills Workshops Specifically Customised for Sherpa Users

Advanced on-site Sales Training Workshops, specifically designed for our Sherpa Customers.

This hybrid program delivered face to face in your dealership with your team, combines our market leading ‘Advanced Selling Skills Workshops’  with how to better utilise and leverage the capabilities of your Sherpa sales platform. 

For more than a decade now, we’ve been helping dealers and their sales teams transform the sales approach and execute more effectively in our changing industry.

Are you and your account aligned?

As an industry we are really very good at understanding the internal metrics that lead to a well-run business and thus profitability.  But what about the customer and their metrics…what are the metrics for measuring our performance against the expectations of the customer?

Look back on the big sales you recently lost.  Do you know why? That big account that slipped away last year, did anyone in your organisation pick up on the signs of your vulnerability?

BTAS 2016 Program Highlights

Continue the Journey with us at BTAS 2016 with a program that is led by world leaders in the office equipment, document solutions and managed services arena and steered by Paul Brady to ensure content is educational and relevant for Australian independent dealers. 

Some of the key highlights for the BTAS 2016 program are as follows.