Compass Sales Solutions Announces Activity Benchmarking Reporting!

Boise, ID (July 2015) – Compass Sales Solutions, the industry leader in sales opportunity software, is proud to announce activity benchmarking reporting that has recently been released with the newly redesigned Sherpa home screen.

Studies show that activity received the second-highest usage score (84 percent) among more than two dozen management tools used by senior executives around the world. The survey also reported that users tend to be highly satisfied (rated 3.96 on a 5-point scale) with the results benchmarking provides to their companies.

The new activity benchmarking feature on the home screen allows for specific activity goal targets by job class. In addition, you can receive email alerts for individual task completion or a weekly summary report. Having this functionality at your fingertips within our industry provides you with the ability to focus on productivity and efficiency. Activity management has never been easier!

“We are happy to release this new feature as this will greatly benefit our customers and provide them with this new management tool allowing them to set performance indicators and track results,” states George Gallian, CEO of Compass Sales Solutions.  

Activity Benchmark reporting is a free feature that is available to our Sherpa Trek customers covered under our support agreement. If you are interested in learning more about this new feature or would like to be added to our list for the release, please contact our support team for more information at or call us at (800) 295-0411.

About Compass Sales Solutions:

Since 2001, Compass Sales Solutions has been the leading sales force automation provider for the office technology industry. Compass Sherpa provides a comprehensive suite that automates all aspects of the sales process and allows your sales professionals to utilize one tool to completely manage the sales process including prospect/client identification, Outlook integration, product configuration, proposal generation, MPS analysis and mapping, ERP integration, and mobile access via smartphone’s and tablets. Compass Sherpa will be the tool your team will want to use, not have to use. Business Enabled is Compass Sales Solutions Australian partner.