Thriving in a Zero Sum World

11 March 2015

Recently I had the pleasure of a discussion with iconic Industry leader Ed McLaughlin, during which Ed shared his insights as to what he refers to as ‘Thriving in Zero Sum World’.

That discussion, and Ed’s full article of the same name published in the March edition of ImageSource magazine, basically sums up why the BTAS Conference May 13th and 14th in Sydney is such a critical event for both yourself as a dealer, and for the ongoing development of our Industry here in Australia.

Ed begins by recalling an educational meeting he attended early in his career. A respected professor from a prestigious university in the US spoke about how fortunate we were to be part of an industry that was both ‘recession resistant’ and ‘locked into decades of growth’.

He presented 2 reasons. First, our industry enjoyed a business model with strong recurring revenues, and second was the fact that nearly all business processes were built around the use of paper.

He was right on both points – BUT, that was decades ago!

The recurring revenues business model is still true today, however, the second point about all business processes being built around the use of paper has been permanently altered by technology.

It is now very clear that the decline of office pages is here to stay.

We are living in a “Zero Sum World” and the rules for your ongoing success have changed.

We need to be much more serious about getting our core business areas in order, and we need to move into parallel business opportunities that provide more, and higher value services for our existing and our new accounts, and the BTAS Conference is where all of that comes together in Australia.

The leading ‘industry specific education sessions’ delivered by some of the  most respected industry thought leaders in the world, and the unmatched opportunity to network, explore, and learn from fellow dealers, suppliers, peers, and emerging opportunity area partners, are all in one place at BTAS.

Follow this link to register now or find out more. 

I look forward to seeing you at BTAS


Paul Brady