Transform & Expand Workshop

‘One Day in November that Can Change the Future for Your Dealership’

Event Date: Thursday 13th November 2014
Location: Sydney


Business Enabled and our US affiliates ‘Growth Achievement Partners’ are opening up an opportunity for the next small group of dealers to take advantage of what is without doubt, the most respected and proven strategic sales and operational consulting services program in our industry.

The ‘Transform and Expand’ program is designed specifically to assist you to capture the competitive advantage, growth and success you are striving for within both your traditional and emerging opportunity areas, and we’d like to invite you to REGISTER NOW for one of the limited seats in our upcoming November workshop.

Yes, your core business has been good, however that business is changing. Your traditional markets lack growth. Convergence is creating increased competitive risk. You need to expand your market without abandoning your roots and it's clear that customers are perceiving value and buying very differently.

Our sales  teams need to transition from “pencil selling a payment” to effectively identifying business goals and solving business problems, and your dealership needs the strategic framework to drive deeper and wider into meeting customer needs and show up where growth is going to occur in areas such as Business Process Improvement, MNS and Cloud Services.

Effective, growing dealerships have ‘a knack’ for timing of these strategic growth initiatives and they develop a culture of change that enables the company to diversify and grow.

The program will help you with maintaining a focus on the external market, anticipating the needs of a growing customer base, and possessing the ability to be nimble in the organisational implementation needed for enhanced success.

You can Register Here Now, or alternatively email Paul Brady on and I’ll call you to discuss further.